The Best Backcountry Hat... the Alpaca Hat

Craig Weese

In the past, whenever I go backcountry skiing I alway ask the question “what is the best backcountry hat?” You see, I...

What Makes The Perfect Alpaca Hat?

Craig Weese

What makes the perfect alpaca hat? This is a question that we’ve asked ourselves over and over again. To create the p...

My Not So Magical Moment...

Craig Weese

I want to tell you a story about the first time I hung out with the boy herd alone….The morning was cold, the snow w...

How Water Repellent is Alpaca Fleece?

Craig Weese

One of the best traits of alpaca fleece is that it’s water repellent. For dealing with treacherous weather condit...

100% Natural Alpaca Fibers

Craig Weese

Why all natural Colorado fibers? We have always had passion for keeping the environment healthy, clean and safe. So ...

The Not So Magical Moment

Craig Weese

The Not So Magical Moment The other day I was hanging out with the girl alpacas just minding my own business, when a...

Multiplying Like Alpacas

Craig Weese

Whoever came up with the saying “multiplying like rabbits” never met a herd of alpacas… It is crazy how fast alpacas...
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