How Water Repellent is Alpaca Fleece?

One of the best traits of alpaca fleece is that it’s water repellent. For dealing with treacherous weather conditions in the mountains, this can be the best benefit of alpaca fleece.

A study by Gaston College in 2009 was done on alpaca fleece to test how water repellent alpaca fleece really is. In all of their tests they had an extremely difficult time saturating the fleece. They claim that alpaca fleece is all but impossible to saturate.

I put this to the test by wearing one our hats for three hours in the rain. By the time the three hours were up my entire body was SOAKING WET, except for my head. When I took my hat off my hair was completely dry! I was able to rub it against my skin and feel no water, whatsoever.

Many people believe that the water repellent attribute of alpaca fleece contributes to the many other benefits, such as being breathable, odor resistant and wicking.

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