Multiplying Like Alpacas

Whoever came up with the saying “multiplying like rabbits” never met a herd of alpacas…

It is crazy how fast alpacas reduce. Seriously.

When a female alpaca so much as sees a male alpaca she starts to ovulate. She begins to get all heated and will sit down to wait for the male to jump right on.

Crazy, right!?!

Whats even more crazy is that when the two of them are doing their “business” other females will just come sit right next to them and wait their turn...

Growing up my family had 20 rabbits and I never saw any of the girls just lay down and say “come on over, I’m ready for you.” Not to mention just a line up for their turn. This was a really good thing, because we didn’t want to get our number of rabbits into the 100’s.

So you might be asking “how do you prevent getting a ton of baby alpacas?”

That’s a very good question!

We have to split our herd of 83 alpacas into two groups. There are the males and then there are the females. This is the only way that we are able to prevent the herd from “multiplying like rabbits.”


The females

Once you split the herd up into boys and girls, it is really interesting to see how the two groups act. The girls have such a herd mentality! They travel supper tightly together and try not go far from the barn.

The girls don’t want to leave the comfort of the barn so badly, that they will eat the grass right there in front of the barn until there is absolutely nothing left! Now you are probably thinking “Craig, don’t all animals do this?”

Yes! You would be right there, but female alpacas do this to an EXTREME!

Every single blade of grass (I mean every, single, blade) will be up rooted until there is nothing but dirt left.

Just take a look at these pictures.


The Males

The boys, well… boys will be boys.

The boys will play, eat and sleep wherever they so please. But like most boys they get into their fair share of mischief.

Some of the big boys were picking on some of the smaller boys. Because the boys and girls are separated the big boys wanted to release some of their tension, so they would end up taking it out on the smaller ones.

Don’t worry though we solved the issue! (Bu bu bu baaaa!)

Luckily the smaller boys were neutered and were able to separate from the rest of the boys and put in with the girls.

The boys latest shenanigans have been escaping from their section of the field. Apparently they believe in the saying “the grass is greener on the other.” Trust me though the grass is just same on either side of the fence. At least in this case.

To try and prevent this from happening we have set up an electric fence with four layers of wiring. Please don’t worry the shock is not enough to harm them, but just enough to deter them from trying it again.

The other day I was hanging out with the girls while they were eating and all of a sudden I heard a really strange sound. I turned around to my astonishment that a few of them were “getting it on.”

I quickly ran over to Jason and Hethir to let them know that we might be having babies in 9 months.

This is when they let me know that the smaller boys who are neutered are in with the girls. I had a big sigh a of relief (pheeeww) but wasn’t sure if I should go back.

Well I made the decision to go back…

Sometimes I really wish that I didn’t though.

I’m going to save you the gruesome details or at least in this post. All you need to know for now is that it feel quite a bit short of something magical.

If you want to learn more about this experience please stay tuned.

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