My Not So Magical Moment...

I want to tell you a story about the first time I hung out with the boy herd alone….

The morning was cold, the snow was blowing and I had decided to go into the boys pin to make a video on our shipping and return policy.

I setup my tripod in front of a group of boys who were eating off a bail of hay and walked in front of the camera.

Once the camera was rolling I began to explain how we provide free shipping and returns on all of our orders, because we absolutely know that you'll love your hat just as much as we do.

When all of a sudden I heard a the strangest of sounds coming from behind me.

Very nervous, I turned around very slowly….

That’s when I saw Mozart.

He was jumping on top of one the other boy alpacas trying to hump him!

...Ok before I go any further I need to give you a little back story on Mozart. As a baby alpaca, Mozart was bottle fed because his mom wasn’t able to feed him.

This led to Mozart being very needy, which made him think that he was dominate one. Now whenever anyone or any alpaca is around Mozart he needs to show his dominance.

Ok, now back to the story…

I got very frustrated with Mozart for ruining one of my videos. I voiced this to him very clearly. I started to head back to the camera to start shooting again.

Once I was back at the camera I saw that Mozart was headed towards me.

Now I realized he wanted to show me that he was the dominate one in this relationship. I thought that he was going to spit at me!

So I covered my face and waited for the spit to fly, but it never did…

He tried to position himself behind me. At first I thought he was just getting better positioning for his projectile. 

Then it hit me. I was next.

He was truly going to show me who's the dominate one in this relationship.

I picked up my camera and backed away from him. At all times I was not going to put my back to him.

He kept getting closer and closer and closer making the weirdest sound! 

I was yelling at him and making it VERY clear that I had no sexual interests here, but it was no use.

I had to make a break for it.

I saw the tractor in the corner by the gate and made a break for it! I broke into a mad dash and climbed on top of the tractor.

Mozart wasn’t very happy about this.

He started to pace back and forth making his weird clicking sound. After catching my breathe, Mozart decided that he made his point and went back with the others.

Finally, I decided that it was safe to come down. With some hustle, I ran towards the gate to get the heck out of there. All while never taking my eyes off of Mozart.

Finally I was safe…

Ok, I want to clear the air on one thing here. Since I had this moment with Mozart I have learned how to show him he is not the dominate one in this relationship.

Mozart is actually a very friendly alpaca (some might say overly friendly) and is very harmless like most alpacas.

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