The Best Backcountry Hat... the Alpaca Hat

In the past, whenever I go backcountry skiing I alway ask the question “what is the best backcountry hat?”

You see, I’ve always opted to wearing a headband, because this way my head is able to regulate heat better. My backcountry skiing partner, Brian, likes to wear a full beanie, because he doesn’t want to run the risk of getting too cold.

Every time we go out into the backcountry, we always get into a heated conversation over what is the best backcountry hat.

Brains argument for wearing a beanie is very logical and practical. Brian is always thinking of the “but what if” questions. This is GREAT! This is why I love Brian as my backcountry partner.

Brian believes that wearing a beanie is better because if the time ever came that you were stranded in the cold you’d be happy that you had the extra warmth.

This makes plenty of sense to me! It really does. I would definitely want the extra heat if we had to spend the night out there.

Although, I couldn’t just leave my headband at home for two reasons.

  1. When I’m going uphill my head puts off a lot of heat. I mean A LOT of heat. It also doesn’t help that I have a thick head hair. So I like a headband because my ears will stay warm while the top of my head is still able to put off the excess heat.
  2. I look goooood in a headband or at least I think so. My girlfriend might think otherwise… But I’ll let you be the judge of that from the picture below.
Best Backcountry Hat.. the Alpaca Hat

For these reasons, I just couldn’t give up my headband. Can you blame me?

I still think that Brian has a valid point though. So I started taking both and now there was an extra item taking up room in my pack, trip after trip.

Then it finally happened. I figured out a way to regulate the heat leaving my head, make more room in my pack, and look good doing it!

When I was introduced to my first alpaca hat, I was a little skeptical. I thought that it would be exactly the same as all of my other beanies.

Boy, was I wrong!

When I started using my alpaca hat I had no idea how well it was going to perform!

Once I started going on the uphill, my alpaca hat let out the PERFECT amount of heat so that I wasn’t overheating. Whenever I would stop on the uphill, my temperature would be perfect! I wouldn’t be too cold or too hot.

You know how when you’re working hard on the uphill and you start to sweat… and then your beanie or headband gets really wet?

It sucks!

Well what I found out using my alpaca hat, was that this didn’t happen! My alpaca hat would move the sweat away from head and then evaporate into the air.

This was an experience that I hadn’t had before!

Not only was my head at the perfect temperature and my alpaca hat dry, but I looked real good in it too.

After I had this amazing experience with my alpaca hat, I knew that I had found the best backcountry beanie!

Not only were my problems solved, but I knew this would solve many other people's problems too. I wanted to be able to share how alpaca hats could benefit you and everyone else!


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