The Not So Magical Moment

The Not So Magical Moment

The other day I was hanging out with the girl alpacas just minding my own business, when all of a sudden I heard a really odd sound coming from one of the alpacas.

I had my camera and the recorder on me and thought I might get some really cool sound bites to share with you.

I whipped my head around and there it was.

Can you guess what I saw?

I bet you can’t. I’ll give a second to ponder.

Thats right! They were gettin’ it on.

My jaw dropped. I wasn’t really sure what to do. Trying to be able to get more content to share with you guys I flipped my camera switch to on and started recording.

My thoughts during this moment were:

Internal monolog: “This is some great footage. Wait, should I be filming this?”

My head jerked away, but not for to long. My eyes were back on my camera.

Internal monolog: “Is this supposed to be happening? I thought that the boys weren’t supposed to be in with the girls.”

My head jerks away again, but my eyes are turned to the corners so that I can just see the alpacas barely.

Internal monolog: “I should probably do something about this, but what??? I can’t just shove him off of her.”

Not only would that have been rude, but I don’t think I could have shoved a 200lb alpaca off of his girl. I also really didn’t want him to spit in my face.

The camera turns to the ground and I start on a mad dash to find Jason and Hethir.

Once I found them I yell “Hey guys, I think that we are about to have some baby alpacas!”

They started busting up laughing. I was so confused on why they were laughing. This was a fairly serious matter in my opinion.

They explained to me that two of the boys were in with girls because the other boys were picking on them.

I was still confused on how we weren’t about to have of a bunch of baby alpacas running around.

They went on to explain that these two boys were neutered. This is just what happens and I shouldn’t worry about about a thing!

Pheeeww! I was relieved! Not because I didn’t want a bunch baby alpaca running around (I mean come on, how stinking cute would that be?!), but because we already have 83 alpacas to take care of. We don’t necessarily need anymore to take care of right now. We already have enough on our plates.

Still, with all of this said I was still a little bit curious with what was going on over there. So I decided to go back over to check it out. You know just help cure my curiosity a little.

I’m a little sceptical on whether or not I should share what I saw and heard over there, so I’ll just give you the jist of it.

If you were to turn on the discovery channel late at night and watched for about 10 min. you could then use your imagination from there.

If you don’t feel like using your imagination, then follow this LINK here to our youtube channel. Viewers discretion is advised.

I’ll say one thing though. The moment fell pretty far short of magical.

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