What Makes The Perfect Alpaca Hat?

What makes the perfect alpaca hat? This is a question that we’ve asked ourselves over and over again.

To create the perfect alpaca hat, we were going through the entire process starting all the way back from when we’re raising the alpaca's fleece. We were looking at the fiber processing phase. We were looking at the knitting process. We were looking at how the alpaca hat sits on your head.

We were looking at everything to be able to craft the perfect alpaca hat;

Finally we boiled down the perfect alpaca hat into three main categories; style, comfort and performance.

1.) Style

When creating the style for our alpaca hats, we narrowed it down into three categories; pattern, color and pom pom.

     1.) Pattern

When we’re creating the perfect pattern for your alpaca hat, it all comes down to the type of machine used. When we’re crafting our alpaca hats, we use two different machines

To craft our Cozy Pom, we use a Vintage Japanese Hand Knitting Machine. This machine creates vertical ribs that allow the hat to have more texture, as well as elasticity to form perfectly to your head.

When we were first crafting up our Flipside alpaca hat, we wanted to offer a smoother look. So we figured out a way to make both the inside and out super smooth to the touch.


     2.) Color

One of the many benefits of using alpaca fleece to handcraft our hats, is the fact that alpaca fleece comes is 24 natural colors! These colors range from white to brown to fawn to black. You shout take a look!

24 Natural Colors of Our Alpaca Hats

We don’t only use these 24 natural colors in our alpaca hats. We also use fleece that dyed with plant based, acid free dyes. The colors produced from these types of dyes are to die for (pun intended!). Not only are these colors gorgeous, but they  aren’t  at all harmful to the environment.

     3.) Pom Pom 

We take our Pom Pom very seriously….

Ok, well not too seriously, but we do love our Pom Pom! We designed every one of our Pom Poms to be interchangeable. This way you’re able to constantly change your style with whatever outfit that you’re wearing that day.

If you want to see how we hand make each one of our Pom Poms, then checkout this video>>>

Style is very important to us in each one of our alpaca hats. We make sure that there’s a hat to fit your style.

2.) Comfort

Comfort in your alpaca hat comes very easy due to how luxuriously soft alpaca fleece is.

Alpaca fleece runs at a very fine micron count.

A micron count is the thickness of each individual strand. The lower the micron count the better!

Micron counts for alpaca fleece runs between 15 and 24. When you compare this to sheeps wool, which runs between 20 and 26, alpaca fleece is much softer.

With having such a low micron count, the alpaca fleece feels as smooth as baby's bum against your head. (If you haven't felt a baby's bum against your face before, then you're missing out :P)

Your alpaca hat is as Smooth as a baby's bum

Not only is your alpaca hat luxuriously soft, but there is no itch! To reduce the scratchy feeling that any animal fiber produces all stems from raising the finest fibers possible!

Because alpaca fleece has such a low micron count, we're able to create the finest fibers required to have no itch!

Comfort of our alpaca hats is very important to us! I debated putting comfort as number one because we do hold this to such high standards.


3.) Performance

Whenever you’re buying winter gear one the biggest questions is, how well does my gear perform? Well, when we were crafting up our alpaca hats, we didn’t leave this question unanswered.

The beauty of using alpaca fleece is that alpacas come from the high Andean mountains. Alpacas thrive at elevations of 14,000ft and above. Alpacas have evolved to endure the harsh winter climates of the mountains.

Alpaca fiber has become the best natural fiber for mountainous weather conditions in three main ways by becoming water repellent, perfectly warm and moisture wicking.

Personally, I think that alpaca fleece being naturally water repellent is the best benefit. I mean really, isn’t staying dry the best? In fact, I’ve been able to wear my alpaca hat in the down pouring rain for three hours straight and stay perfectly dry! I was beyond happy with my alpaca hat.

If you haven’t already seen my post about alpaca fibers having  hollow core fibers, then I highly recommend doing so! It’s because alpaca fleece has hollow core fibers that you’re able to stay perfectly warm. In fact, there was a study done at the Yaccum-McCall Wool Testing Laboratories, that proved alpaca fleece is 3X warmer than sheep's wool. This means that you’re able to stay at a comfortable 50 degrees when the temperature outside is 0!

Hollow Core Fiber Used In Our Alpaca Hats

Have you ever worn a hat while your hiking around? Do you remember how your sweat stayed right against your head? Wasn’t very pleasant, right? Well luckily you won’t have to worry about that with your alpaca hat, because the fibers inside of alpaca fleece moves all of your sweat away from your body!

The wonders of alpaca fleece never ceases to amaze to me! If you want to learn more the natural benefits of alpaca fleece, then please click here!

Making sure that hit all three of these categories; style, comfort and performance is crucial in our design process. We just feel so lucky that we get to work with such amazing animals that produce the best fiber!

Checkout our collection of alpaca hats>>>

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