100% Natural Fibers

We have always had passion for keeping the environment healthy, clean and safe. So when we saw the amounts of polyester and vinyl being used in hats we were appalled!

The raw materials required to make polyester and vinyl come from byproducts of crude oil. We didn’t find these plastics to be environmentally friendly at all, nor did we particularly want to be wearing them on our heads all day.

These products went way against our environmental ethics.

Here at Yampaca, we wanted to be able to provide everyone with hats that don’t harm the environment. That’s why we decided to go 100% natural.

We are 100% natural in 3 main ways; how our alpacas are raised, how we process our fiber into yarn and how we dye our yarn.


1.) Humanely Raised Alpacas

One of the best ways to ensure that our alpacas are producing the highest quality fibers, is by keeping them happy and fed properly.

We keep our alpacas happy and stress free by letting them graze on lush green pastures throughout the warm months. They are able to travel freely wherever they please inside of their fields. This is great because the alpacas have free reign over all of our high quality grass throughout the ranch.

Due to having an average snowfall of 336” per winter season, the alpacas aren’t able to reach the ground for grass in the colder winter months; so we provide big round bales of a pesticide free, local grasses, and plenty of space for them to spread and enjoy the winter months when all they really want to do is eat and relax anyways

We make sure that we treat each and everyone of our alpacas with the most love and care possible.

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2.) Processing the Fiber

Alpaca Fleece Being Processed into Yarn for Hats

Once we've sheared the alpacas, we send all of our fibers off to a mill just a town over from our farm. 

We made sure to partner up with a mill that was all natural. In their process there are no harsh or toxic chemicals added to the fiber. They use basic soaps to clean the fibers, which are separated and washed by hand.

The harshest cleaning agent used in their process is white vinegar. This is amazing, because when you compare this to other mills who use chemicals such as pesticides, pyrethroids and highly toxic organophosphates (which has been linked to nerve damage) our fibers have no danger to the environment or your body.

Because we are able to eliminate these chemicals from our hats, we are able to provide you with best and the safest hats possible.

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3.) The Dyeing Process

Our Alpaca Fleece are Dyed with plant based dyes

When we get the yarn back from the mill it is time to prepare the yarn for dyeing! In our dyeing process we only use all natural plant based dyes.

We begin by preparing the yarn using a natural mordant. This opens up the fibers to accept the natural dyes permanently.

We prepare a dye pot where the yarn is submerged and then heated with a specific concentration of one or more plants to create our desired color. This is where we are able to bring out the true art in our hats! Every hat we produce is a one of a kind to each batch of dye, even if the same color may have a slight variances in tint.

Once the yarn has soaked in the dyes, we give it a thorough wash and set it out to dry.

The benefits of using plant based dyes are incredible! Because we don’t have to use chemicals in our dyes we are able to help sustain the environment for much longer! The person preparing the dye doesn’t need to breathe in the harsh chemicals AND we are able to create exquisite colors for you choose from!

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We really want to make sure that we keep to our company's value of making sure everything is 100% natural from start to finish.

We care so much about this because we want to provide you with best hats possible!


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