What is your shipping & return policy?

We offer FREE SHIPPING & FREE RETURNS on all of our hats!

The reason that we decided to offer you free shipping AND free returns, is because we are so confident that you'll love your hats just as much as we do that we wanted to make sure you get them in your hands and on your head, without ever having to worry if you made the right decision!

We know how hard online shopping can be, not being able to feel and experience the product you are about to purchase before making your decision.

We want you to be able to put one of our hats in your hands so that you can feel just how luxuriously soft, how smooth and how incredible Yampaca  hats really are.

You are able to take advantage of our free returns as long as you are within the first 30 days of delivery. This gives you plenty of time to experience how amazing your new Yampaca hat really is!

If you need to file a return, then please contact us directly at help@yampaca.com.


Does alpaca fleece itch?

No, with our hats you won't have to worry about that scratchy, itchy feeling ever again. We make sure that our micron count is super low!

In standard sheeps wool the micron count will be much higher compared to alpaca fiber. With a high micron count you can feel the fibers rubbing against your ears causing your ears to itch and it will irritate the skin. This is something that we absolutely hate!

With our alpacas we keep the micron count incredibly low, and the fibers super smooth. And any merino added to the product is only the finest available with extra low micron counts as well. The only rubbing you'll feel is the soft embrace of our hats hugging your head.


Are Yampaca hats 100% natural?

Yes! All of our fibers are 100% natural. Our alpacas are raised on 100% natural grass with no added pesticides. We don't give them feed, just strictly grass.

A lot of other "natural" fibers like hemp, flax, and wool need to be heavily processed with harsh chemicals to be able get them super smooth. Because alpaca fiber is naturally soft to the touch, we have to process our fibers very little to create the smoothest, softest hats possible.

When we get the yarn back from the mill it is time to prepare the yarn for dyeing! In our dyeing process we only use all natural botanically based dyes.  

The benefits of using botanically based dyes are incredible! Because we don’t have to use chemicals in our dyes we are able to help sustain the environment for much longer! The person preparing the dye doesn’t need to breathe in the harsh chemicals AND we are able to create exquisite colors for you choose from!

Learn more about how we are 100% natural >>>


What are the hats made out of?

Our hats are made out Alpaca fiber and extra soft merino wool. I know...I know; why are we using merino wool in our alpaca hats when Alpaca is the best??

We do this because even though alpaca fleece has absolutely amazing benefits, alpaca fleece alone won’t hold its shape perfectly over time. To fix this problem we simply add a varying percentage (based on the hat) of the second best material out there, extra soft merino wool.

The merino wool allows the alpaca fleece to hold its shape no matter how long you wear it without sacrificing all of the amazing benefits of the alpaca fleece.


What are the care instructions for alpaca fleece?

To ensure that your alpaca fleece stays in the best condition just follow these simple steps.

  • Make sure that you only hand wash with cold water.
  • Then lay flat to dry

Its really that simple. If you decide to put your alpaca fleece through the machine, then you'll start to see the pilling 

Because alpaca fleece doesn’t retain odors or stains you don’t need to wash it often.


What are the benefits of alpaca fibers?

Alpaca fleece has amazing benefits. Because alpacas originate from the Andean Mountains, their fleece has adopted to harsh winters. Some of these great benefits include:

  • Naturally water resistant
  • Extreme wicking
  • Amazingly breathable
  • Luxuriously soft
  • Perfectly warm with Hollow Core Fibers

To learn more about the amazing benefits of alpaca fleece click HERE.


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