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Each and every Yampaca hat is handcrafted in house, right here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. 

We begin hand crafting our hats with the design process. Through this process, we always make sure that each hat is original, unique and stylish yet timeless.  Our colors and styles are always inspired by nature and the mountains.

1.) All Natural Fibers

By having our own alpaca farm and working with other humanely raised Alpaca ranchers, we know the exact source and treatment of our materials. This is great because we know that all of the animals are humanely treated and are raised with the greatest care possible. 

2.) Handcrafted in House

All of our hats are made with extreme care in our own facility. We do not outsource any of the manufacturing to China or to anyone else for that matter. This way we are able to ensure that each hat comes out with the highest quality possible!

Between the designing of each hat and the production of each hat down to the label, we put in the utmost love and care into each and every hat.

3.) Mountain Style

Because Yampaca was born in the mountains we understand how your apparel needs to perform and how you want it to look. We shape our hats in various different weights and styles, offering you the right hat for the job. This way your hat will be able to go with you in all types of weather

  • With alpaca fleece being naturally water resistant, you’re able to stay dry even on wettest of rainy days.
  • When you’re active, you’re able to stay extra dry as our alpaca fleece wicks the moisture away from your body.
  • Due to alpaca fleece having hollow core fibers, you’ll be kept at the perfect temperature as the heat leaving your body is trapped within the fibers.
  • Also because of the hollow core fibers, your hat is extra breathable; allowing you to stay at the perfect temperature as the day warms up.
  • With alpaca fleece being one of the finest natural fibers on earth, your hat becomes luxuriously soft. 

There are three different styles that we have crafted; the Flipside, the Cozy Pom, and the Paca Band. Of course, all of our hats have the natural benefits of alpaca fleece, but each style has its own unique qualities and benefits.


What’s better than getting one Yampaca hat? That's easy, two Yampaca hats all in one awesome hat!

We designed this hat to have a beautiful pattern on one side for when your personality is feeling multicolored, and a solid color on the other side for when you need some solidarity in your life.

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Our most ELEGANT hat yet!

Designed by Yampaca Co-founder Hethir Rodriguez, the Cozy Pom is made using a Vintage Japanese Hand Knitting Machine. We decided to make the Cozy Pom this way because of the amount of attention to detail it takes to make the perfect hat and the overall beauty of this hat is unmatched. 

You can wear the Cozy Pom cuffed for extra warmth or slouchy for added style.

Whether your head is bigger than most or smaller than most, the Cozy Pom has you covered.  The Cozy Pom is able to have the perfect fit every time because of the unique ribs.  The ribs allow the hat to expand and contract to create a perfect fit every time.

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Headbands, are they for style or for performance?

Luckily we have you covered there. We crafted up two different styles of headbands.

If you’re someone whose ears get colder than most, we have designed a thicker, heavyweight headband. This headband is also perfect for casual wear during the cold winter season.

If you’re someone who is out in the mountains, but your head gets too hot for a hat and your ears get cold without one, then our sport headband is the way to go.

The sport headband is lightweight and warm. Perfect the person active in the mountains!

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