Hollow Core Fibers

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Alpaca fleece continuously amazes us!

A study done by Yocom-McColl wool testing laboratories, proved that alpaca fleece is 3X warmer than wool.

Yocom-McColl also discovered that if you were out in 0 degrees F temperatures wearing alpaca fleece that your body would stay at a perfect temperature of 50 degrees F.

So what does this mean for you? Better warmth than wool, with less bulk!

How is it that alpaca fleece can be so warm?

It all has to do with the structure of the fibers.

When you look at the construction of fibers from a sheep, you’ll notice that the strand is solid all the way through. You would think that this would then make the wool warmer because heat wouldn’t be able to get through, right? Well… not exactly.

In fact, because the fibers are solid, heat slips right through the cracks between the fibers. The wool will still keep you warm, but it’s just not the same as alpaca fleece.

Alpaca fibers on the other hand have hollow core fibers.This allows the heat leaving your body to be trapped inside of each fiber. This is why alpaca fleece is so much warmer than wool.

Alpaca fibers hollow core

Not only is alpaca fleece warmer than standard wool, but it is much lighter. The extreme lightness is also due to the fact the fibers have a hollow core.

This is AWESOME! Because alpaca fleece is warmer and lighter than standard wool, you are able to pack lighter without having to sacrifice the comfort of warmth.

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