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Every year when it’s time to buy new gear, we walk into shops and have the same exact dilemma. Every piece of clothing made by one brand looks the exact same as the other brand sitting next to it on the shelf!

Once you begin to try to differentiate one from the other by looking at the tags, the hats become harder to determine the differences. The materials on the tags will read the exact same, which consists of polyester, vinyl and acrylic. Brands have been using these materials for a very long time now, but all of these materials are just different types of plastic! Even if these materials are recycled, they are still a plastic and are harmful to the environment to produce and to dispose of.

If you read down the tag a little further, things become worse. You’ll see that not only are the materials identical, but they are all made in the same countries too, and mostly China! 

This made us think about what is truly differentiating the brands that are sitting right next to each other. It’s not where the products are made and it’s definitely not what they are made out of. The only noticeable difference we could find were the companies names on the labels.

We wanted mountain apparel that is different from the rest. We wanted clothes that cause minimal harm to the environment. We wanted clothes that would go with all of our different mountain styles. We wanted clothes that were functional, natural, and unique.

This was the inspiration to start Yampaca. With alpaca fiber, we are able to create natural, technical and beautiful products that are different from other brands. We do this in three main ways: we source all of our materials from our own farm or from other small farms that treat their animals humanely, we handcraft all of our products in house, and we design all of our products to fit the unique style of the mountains.

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1.) All Natural Fibers

By having our own alpaca farm and working with other humanely raised Alpaca ranchers, we know the exact source and treatment of our materials. This is great because we know that all of the animals are humanely treated and are raised with the greatest care possible. 

2.) Handcrafted in House

All of our hats are made with extreme care in our own facility. We do not outsource any of the manufacturing to China or to anyone else for that matter. This way we are able to ensure that each hat comes out with the highest quality possible!

Between the designing of each hat and the production of each hat down to the label, we put in the utmost love and care into each and every hat.

3.) Mountain Style

Because Yampaca was born in the mountains we understand how your apparel needs to perform and how you want it to look. We shape our hats in various different weights and styles, offering you the right hat for the job. This way your hat will be able to go with you in all types of weather. We also understand that not everyone who lives in the mountains are the same. That’s why we created a wide range of hats and designs that are able to cater to every different personality of the mountains.

Our frustration with the status quo from every brands led us to creating Yampaca. We wanted to step out from the pack to show you that your apparel doesn’t have to be the same as everyone else. Your clothes don’t have to be made across seas from non-renewable resources, and you don’t have to be limited to one style for the mountains.

We create one of a kind, natural, and functional hats, so that you are able to express the real you.

Check out Our One Of A Kind Hats >>>



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