Checkout The Flipside>>> 

What’s better than getting one Yampaca hat? That's easy, two Yampaca hats all in one awesome hat!

We designed this hat to have a beautiful pattern on one side for when your personality is feeling multicolored and a solid color on the flip side for when you need some solidarity in your life.

For the Flipside we have four different styles; Bottoms Up, Candy Stripe, Tri-Plex and Weese. 

The Flipside - Bottoms is designed to have a thick base color at the top and the perfect color combination on the bottom.

The Flipside - Candy Stripe is designed to have a two color combination of four stripes, just like when you were a kid!

The Flipside - Tri-Plex is designed to have three elegant stripes of the perfect color combinations.

The Flipside - Weese is designed to a solid Alpaca color with 2 stylish stripes near the top


 Like all of our hats, the Flipside has all the amazing natural benefits of alpaca fleece.

The five natural benefits of alpaca fleece:

  • Naturally water resistant
  • Extreme wicking
  • Amazingly breathable
  • Luxuriously soft
  • Perfectly warm with hollow core fibers


Not only do all of our hats have all of the amazing natural benefits, but our hats also have these unique benefits:

  • Handcrafted to a unique mountain style
  • Humanely raised animals
  • Acid free dyes
  • We use 100% natural fibers with no synthetic fibers added
Checkout The Flipside >>>


This is one our favorite hats because you can wear it with just about every outfit! We love the Flipside because they are warm, colorful and of course beautiful!

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