The Cozy Pom

Checkout The Cozy Pom >>>

Our most ELEGANT hat yet!

Designed by Yampaca Co-founder Hethir Rodriguez, The Cozy Pom is made using a Vintage Japanese Hand Knitting Machine. We decided to make the Cozy Pom this way because of the amount of attention to detail it takes to make the perfect hat; and the overall beauty of this hat is unmatched.

 Whether your head is bigger than most or smaller than most, the Cozy Pom has you covered. No matter what size your head is, this hat will fit you perfectly! The Cozy Pom is able to have the perfect fit every time because of the unique ribs.  The ribs allow the hat to expand and contract to create a perfect fit every time.

Engineered to have an interchangeable pom pom, you’re able to pick and choose the color of pom pom you’d like or remove it all together.

We've also designed the Cozy Pom to have two different styles. You can wear the Cozy Pom rolled to be super warm and cozy or wear it unrolled to give the hat a relaxed, slouch look.

The Cozy Pom is Elegant, Versatile, and of course Cozy and Warm; and contains all of the technical benefits unique to alpaca fleece.


 Natural Benefits of Alpaca Fleece:

  • Naturally water resistant
  • Extreme wicking
  • Amazingly breathable
  • Luxuriously soft
  • Perfectly warm with hollow core fibers

Checkout The Cozy Pom >>>


Unique Benefits of Yampaca Hats:

  • Handcrafted to a unique mountain style 
  • Humanely raised animals
  • Acid free dyes
  • We use 100% natural fibers with no synthetic fibers added

    Checkout The Cozy Pom >>>


    Unique Benefits of the Cozy Pom:

    • Interchangeable Pom Pom
    • Perfect fit no matter the size of your head (seriously!)
    • Adjustable fold for the best slouch

    By choosing the Cozy Pom, you’re choosing to be able to stay the most comfortable and stylish no matter the temperature!


    Checkout The Cozy Pom >>>

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